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CECED launches its #CircularSociety initiative website


The aim to reduce waste and ensure a full circularity of the economy goes beyond what economic actors alone can do: it embraces all our society and is a societal challenge.

“Let’s join forces, to face a challenge that we see as important for all within our society”. This was the stirring message brought by CECED Director-General Paolo Falcioni to European Union policy makers and media representatives today (27th September) at a European Commission-organised circular economy and ecodesign media seminar.  

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Mr Falcioni had been invited to participate in a stakeholder discussion on EU ecodesign and energy labelling policy.

CECED has, in recent times, been examining how best it can contribute to the further development of Europe’s circular economy, a stated aim of European Union policy makers. It believes that successfully addressing the challenge of a circular economy is best secured if all of society is brought in to make its contribution. In essence, the aims of reducing waste and ensuring full circularity of the economy goes beyond what economic actors can do alone. It is a societal challenge.

CECED has recently launched its #CircularSociety initiative to support its vision. It can be viewed at