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Most recent press release: 21/06/2017

Smart appliances come to EU Sustainable Energy Week (#SmartAtHome) - CECED/EEBUS/Energy@home Press Release

  • Demonstrating how interoperability will work with Smart Appliances
  • EEBUS and Energy@home develop open language for interoperability for smart home appliances that will help deliver consumer energy management solutions
  • Live demonstration at CECED, the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

Smart, Internet-enabled appliances are entering our homes, moving our lives towards ever-greater connectivity. But how can we ensure that this increased connectivity does not also increase the complexity of home appliances for users who seek simple solutions? During European Sustainable Energy Week 2017, EEBUS, Energy@home and several leading European Manufacturers of home appliances demonstrate the answer: home appliances that speak the same language, and communicate with energy managers, Smart Home Systems and with each other in an integrated home ecosystem, providing the benefits of smart energy management for consumers.

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