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Standardisation is a democratic process in which our sector plays a part


„Standardisation is a key tool that helps boost business” was the key message of CECED Director-General Paolo Falcioni at the two day information session of CEN/CENELEC, StandarDays (20th April 2017).

To a public coming from all kind of different sectors and with a presentation full of metaphors, Paolo Falcioni emphasised on how important it is for standard making to be a transparent democratic process where the involvement of technical committees is essential. “European clarity in separating legislation and standardisation while explaining the roles of both helps establish clearly definable boundaries and responsibilities for actors”, he continued.

Falcioni closed the first day of the event by pointing to the series of CECED’s testing methods workshops on vacuum cleaners, washing machines and fridges in which Member States, EU representatives, market surveillance authorities, consumer organisations and NGOs took part. The workshops have sought to demonstrate how standards could be improved, for example to bring product standards closer to actual consumer-use behaviour as opposed to the more neutral product behaviour witnessed in a laboratory.


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