Providing a voice for the home appliance industry in Europe – the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

Materials and Chemicals

CECED’s members have been working for many years on the use of chemicals and substances in their products and components in order to reduce the impact on the environment and human health during the whole life cycle of the appliances. CECED is continuously contributing to create a constructive debate on the presence of chemicals in products and their further impact when appliances are disposed. CECED advocates for building European policies based in scientific evidences and socio-economic impacts to ensure legal certainty for the industry and to allow sufficient time for companies to find and implement the use of substitutes for targeted substances without jeopardising business continuity.

In order to help our members to comply with European legislation we follow closely the development of EU policy and legislative proposals in many different areas associated with chemicals and materials used in household appliances. Currently, these include:


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