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Sustainable Innovation Forum

CECED delivers its sustainability message to #COP21's Sustainable Innovation Forum (#SIF15)

Adapting consumer lifestyles and harnessing the potential of new technologies and innovative approaches can bring major sustainability gains inside our homes. Connected appliances in the connected home can empower consumers to optimise energy consumption, yielding even greater system efficiency gains, lowering emissions and moving towards a resource efficient society.

CECED, representing the home appliance industry in Europe, outlined these innovative ideas and approaches to the United Nations Environmental Programme-backed Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) in Paris on 7th - 8th December

CECED's "Connected Home" at the 2015 edition of the Sustainable Innovation Forum



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CECED D-G Paolo Falcioni: "The connected home will help deliver sustainability where we need it: at home". 

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CECED chaired SIF Energy Efficiency Sustainability Starts at Home Roundtable on 8th December 2015

Paolo Falcioni - Director-General, CECED (Event Moderator)

"Home appliances have the potential to deliver significant benefits to society and its environment"

Alexander Lohnherr - Director-General, Miele France (The home appliance industry sustainability innovation)

"Being connected will contribute to realising consumers' full potential in not only saving energy but in living sustainably".

Melanie Slade - Senior Programme Manager, Energy Efficiency Unit at International Energy Agency (Sustainability through energy efficiency programmes: the international perspective)

"Energy efficiency is the first fuel. Tracking consumer behaviour with smart technologies will be very useful for consumers to understand the impact of their actions. It will empower them".

Justin Wilkes, ECOS Deputy Director (How to bring energy efficient appliances to consumer homes)

"The Connected Home will help in balancing the supply and demand for energy on grid infrastructure and help promote the use of renewable energy".

Anton Eckl - Lead International Key Account Management, GFK (The role of incentives to transform the market and ensure sustainability at home)

"The challenge is not just in Europe. Other areas around the world are seeing a growing demand for appliances. It is in all our interests that consumers from across the world gain access to and use the latest energy efficient appliances. Incentives are one way of securing this".

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09/12/2015 - We can all do our bit for sustainability

01/12/2015 - Home appliance industry to showcase sustainable, connected home at COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum

Sustainability starts at home. It is this simple yet important message that home appliance manufacturers will bring to the Sustainable Innovation Forum (#SIF15), the key COP21 side event in Paris to showcase the contribution the sector can make to sustainable growth, a key industry priority.

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They all stepped inside the "Connected Home"!

Home Appliance 2025 vision

HA2025 webpicture

In April 2015, CECED launched Home Appliance 2025, a ten year vision for the future of the industry.

Full details are available at: