Providing a voice for the home appliance industry in Europe – the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

Smart Living and Competitiveness

The Smart Living and Competitiveness policy area covers a wide range of topics, including    the New Legislative Framework; product safety; market surveillance; standardisation; market research; product information; and international trade issues.

In general, CECED works to promote and contribute to the adoption of policies and instruments that help improve the functioning of the European Union's Single Market, the development of safe products, the advancement of free and fair cross-border trade, the strengthening of European market surveillance practices, and the creation of relevant standards for our sector.

As an additional service to its members, CECED maintains a product information framework to facilitate the exchange of product data between trade partners, and delivers quarterly sell-in statistics covering the European market for household appliances.

Moreover, CECED has cultivated a number of successful international partnerships, such as the ATLETE project series.

Details about all major topics included in the Trade and Safety policy area can be found under the links on the left side of this page.


For further information, please contact Michał Zakrzewski  or Sanne Goossens