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Energy Market

In addition to Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policies, the home appliance industry is looking ahead to the new opportunities and approaches within Europe's energy market examining where appliances can successfully play a role and contribute.

The expected completion of the EU single energy market has further opened up the debate on how to give energy efficiency and demand response a more prominent role with Europe's overall energy policy. Rising energy costs for EU households also confirm the need to consume less energy and seek approaches that allow for a more flexible use of electricity.

Smart appliances can play a relevant role in offering a better management of household energy consumption while respecting users’ settings. The Energy Efficiency Directive paved the way in promoting energy efficient technologies, behaviours and the participation of demand response, i.e. the participation of consumers in the EU energy market.

This historical shift towards a central role of consumers in the energy market will happen if consumers are incentivised to engage and be active. The home appliance industry is supportive of the creation of a market where consumers are financially rewarded for purchasing energy efficient products but also for using the products in a smart and efficient way.

A strong, smart and energy efficient demand will confer to consumers significant benefits, ensure that energy is consumed in a much more sustainable way while helping secure the electricity grid.

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