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Statistics and Product Information

product information

The collection of statistics is one of the services delivered to CECED members. The Market Research Working Groups are responsible for the collection of sell-in data on a European level for a large number of large and small domestic appliances.

The collection of these sell-in data facilitates the activities of both the CECED Secretariat and CECED members.

More information about CECED statistics can be found in this section under the Market Research Large Appliances and Market Research Small Appliances Division section.

Product Information (PI) is applied in the marketing of products. Manufacturers use product information structures to exchange information with trading partners, via an electronic format that can be filled with information about products and brands. Product information can also be used to effectively and efficiently provide consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple output media used in trade, such as websites, print catalogues, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds.

More information about CECED's PI activities can be found in this section under the PI-Certified Standard division on the left.


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