Anonymous wants justice: Do Kwon of Terra (LUNA) in its sights

Last Updated: 27 June 2022

Anonymous wants to fully investigate the actions of Do Kwon and “ensure” that the founder of Terra is “brought to justice as soon as possible.” This is what the collective of ‘hacktivists’ reports in a YouTube video.

80 million dollars paid out every month

“There is no doubt that there are many more crimes to discover in your trail of destruction,” hacktivist group Anonymous said in the YouTube video. In the video, an Anonymous member talks about Kwon’s suspicious actions, including paying out $80 million (€75.6 million) a month. He did this in LUNA and TerraUSD (UST).

In addition, they highlight the fall of Basis Cash also. You may not be familiar with this coin, but Anonymous found out that this failed stablecoin was also a project of Kwon. Only that this has not yet come to light, as he would be working there under the name ‘Rick Sanchez.’ He was then one of the two founders who stayed in anonymity as a duo by naming themselves after the main characters of the series Rick and Morty; namely Rick (Sanchez) and Morty.

“Do Kwon, if you are listening, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to undo the damage you have done. Right now, all we can do is hold you accountable, and make sure you are brought to justice as soon as possible.”

Do Kwon keeps a low profile for now

Anonymous promised to investigate Do Kwon’s actions to uncover his alleged crimes. The collective will probe all corners of the crypto market to make his crypto past transparent. After finding the Basis Cash issue, it would not be surprising to discover many more. Anonymous gained notoriety by hacking into multiple companies and governments, so things may still get hot under Do Kwon’s feet.

He has not yet responded to Anonymous’ publication. The founder of Terra (and probably Basic Cash) has been — with the exception of some retweets — remarkably quiet on Twitter for 9 days. This is a stark contrast to his Twitter page before the fall of Terra.

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