Bitcoin Code – Was the software on Dragons’ Den?

Last Updated: 24 February 2024

Cryptocurrencies have gone from insider tip to ubiquitous standard. The Bitcoin issue alone has kept the investment world on its toes for years. And rightly so: those who invested in time are now millionaires.

This raises the question of whether it is still possible to earn money with cryptocurrencies today. The answer: yes, although the risk is much higher than it was a few years ago.

Services like Bitcoin Code do the work with effective analyses as well as a professional look at expected market fluctuations and are thus perfectly suited for traders without experience.

Apparently, even celebrities have long invested in the app – not to mention an appearance on “Dragons’ Den”. But what exactly is it all about?

How can you profit from Bitcoin Code ?

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Bitcoin Code: Have celebrities invested a lot of money?

On every corner of the internet, aggressive advertising is waiting to generate attention. Especially the operators of crypto-bots have often overshot the mark in the past.

But given the qualities on offer, this would not have been necessary. Often they even produced the opposite effect: the product was perceived as dubious because the marketing was too untrustworthy.

Have celebrities like Boris Becker, Lena Meyer-Landrut or Oliver Welke invested in Bitcoin Code and won a lot of money? Honestly: In their free time, maybe they did. But there is no evidence of this.

And they certainly didn’t take part in any promotional activities to promise potential customers the moon. The many spelling and grammatical errors alone speak for themselves.

Bitcoin Code - Was the software on Dragons' Den?


Was Bitcoin Code recommended in “Dragons’ Den”?

The German entertainment show “Dragons’ Den” has a cult following. Since 2014, inventors, company founders and start-ups have been vying for the support of prominent investors.

They present their concept and, with a little luck, benefit from the capital and wealth of experience of the so-called “lions”. Many an idea has made it into the mainstream, while others were ultimately ridiculed and deemed too big a risk.

It stands to reason that business concepts such as Bitcoin Code would also be presented. Although they do not promise profits, they represent a realistic opportunity for investors to use the crypto market to their own advantage.

But once again, unfortunately, it is just unfair advertising. In none of the episodes broadcast so far was Bitcoin Code presented. Certainly not the “lions” have without exception spoken positively about the service or participated with financial injections.

Is Bitcoin Code unserious?

In a nutshell: No. But why the operators insist on promoting their service so aggressively remains a mystery. Anyone who seriously believes that they are automatically set for life after making a deposit is mistaken.

It takes a lot of risk, trust and tact to continue earning from and with cryptocurrencies. The app relies on a stochastic wealth of experience. Nevertheless, it is advisable to build your own expertise and understand market fluctuations.

Only then will Bitcoin Code be able to unfold its true potential.

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