Bitcoin Pro – What is the minimum stake?

Last Updated: 18 May 2024

Bitcoin Pro is a provider that can be accessed via the internet. With a few clicks, you can download software from the website that you can save and install on your computer.

First and foremost, the software can be used to trade the various cryptocurrencies. In addition to the trading itself, you can also use this software to view the news on the currencies and observe how the price is behaving.

Especially if you are still at the beginning, you can familiarise yourself with the topic. With a few clicks, you can also open a demo account, for example, which simulates trading.


Bitcoin Pro - What is the minimum stake?

Simulated trading can help you understand the software and take your first step into trading without any risk. If you are still at the beginning of trading, you should definitely use the demo account to learn the first things.

These can later be transferred one-to-one to the real money account, so it does no harm to get to know the market and the software first. At some point, you will reach the point where you trade with real money.

Here, however, new questions often come up that you have to answer. One of them is always very important.

What is the minimum stake in Bitcoin Pro?

As the word suggests, this is the minimum stake you have to place for a trade on Bitcoin Pro. This can sometimes be confused with the minimum deposit, which has nothing to do with it.

If you have chosen a trade, you have to complete it at Bitcoin Pro with at least 100 euros. This is the minimum deposit to be able to trade with the software.

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Especially for beginners, this is certainly a high hurdle, so that you should limit yourself to trading only those trades that you really want to complete. If you compare the minimum stake with other providers, you will see that Bitcoin Pro is in the middle of the pack.

Most providers that offer the same service as Bitcoin Pro have a minimum stake of 100 euros. Only very few are below this limit. A few are even far above the 100 euros that Bitcoin Pro requires as a minimum for a trade.

There are providers who demand up to 500 euros as a minimum stake. This is certainly not the right way for beginners to familiarise themselves with the topic.

So if you have to bring 100 euros to Bitcoin Pro to complete a trade, that sounds a lot, but it is quickly put into perspective, so that you can also use Bitcoin Pro well as a beginner.

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