Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Addresses Allegations of Abandoned Projects

Last Updated: 9 October 2023

A recent social media debate has erupted in the cryptocurrency community, with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson finding himself in the spotlight. Allegations of abandoning projects and unfulfilled promises have been leveled against him by a user known as Fabian on the social media platform X. In response, Hoskinson has come forward to passionately defend the progress and governance of the Cardano blockchain.

Hoskinson’s Defense

In the face of criticism from Fabian, Charles Hoskinson presented a robust defense, addressing each accusation with facts and insights into the current state of Cardano’s initiatives.

Ethiopia Project

One of the key accusations was that the Ethiopia project had been abandoned. Hoskinson clarified that this was far from the truth. Despite facing significant challenges posed by an ongoing war and multiple shifts in educational administration, the Ethiopia project remains under active development.

IELE Research Project

Hoskinson shed light on the status of IELE, explaining that it was always intended as a research project and was never meant to be pursued as a “layer one integration.” This distinction is crucial in understanding the project’s evolution.

ERC20 Converter

Regarding the ERC20 converter, Hoskinson confirmed that work had indeed been done on it, and it had been used by projects such as SingularityNet. However, its usage has largely been deprecated in favor of other initiatives, notably Milkomeda.

Governance and Control

Responding to claims of IOG (Input Output Global) having complete control over Cardano, Hoskinson was quick to dispel this notion. He emphasized that IOG, Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation (CF) all hold genesis keys, and he pointed to the CIP 1694 proposal as evidence that IOG’s control was not absolute.

Motivation Behind Accusations

Hoskinson also questioned the motivations behind Fabian’s accusations, raising doubts about the intent behind the criticism.

Community Reactions

The cryptocurrency community had a mixed reaction to this public exchange. While some users suggested that Hoskinson should consider blocking or muting critics to avoid the mental strain of constant clarifications, there was a prevailing sentiment that open dialogue should be maintained. Some users, however, criticized Hoskinson’s tone, arguing that resorting to name-calling might not be the most effective way to address concerns.


The recent debate involving Charles Hoskinson and allegations of abandoned projects within the Cardano ecosystem has sparked intense discussion within the cryptocurrency community. Hoskinson’s detailed responses have shed light on the ongoing developments and challenges faced by Cardano, emphasizing the importance of accurate information and open dialogue in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.

As the crypto community continues to dissect the intricacies of Cardano’s journey, investors worldwide are keenly watching developments in this dynamic blockchain space. Staying well-informed and engaged in such discussions can be instrumental for those considering their investment strategies on platforms like Bitcode Al and Trader AI, where the opportunities to navigate the crypto market’s ebbs and flows are abundant.

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