Corona Millionaire – Was the software on Dragons´ Den?

Last Updated: 19 May 2024

The global pandemic is tugging at our nerves. But it equally gave us time to spend with our loved ones and explore new investment opportunities. Corona Millionaire, for example!

The app fully lives up to its name claim, offers fully automated trading software and supports all those who want to profit from high returns and comparatively low risk in times of crisis.

Experts have long been aware of how the software works, but beginners may have one or two unanswered questions. All the more so because the advertising measures taken by the competition give a rather unserious impression.

Did Carsten Maschmeyer personally invest in Corona Millionaire? Did other celebrities follow his example? As an investor with no experience, what should I know about Corona Millionaire? We have the answers!

Corona Millionaire users

Is Carsten Maschmeyer convinced by Corona Millionaire?

What Carsten Maschmeyer has not achieved in recent years. The star investor has now become the linchpin of a successful TV show.

“Dragons Den” enjoys growing popularity and offers resourceful entrepreneurs a stage to present their ideas. If they meet with approval from Maschmeyer and his colleagues, investments are made on the spot.

We could well imagine that software like Corona Millionaire will also be presented in the coming seasons. But if you read that this very thing has already happened, it is a fake.

In the episodes that have flickered across the proverbial airwaves so far, cryptocurrencies have been left out. In other words, apart from Corona Millionaire, no other software of this kind was presented or even praised by Maschmeyer and the lions.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer why the competition has resorted to these advertising measures in the past. Probably an old principle applies: even bad publicity is publicity.

Corona Millionaire is not software that requires such methods. The app works on the basis of comprehensible probability calculations, is legal and officially certified.

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Which celebrities are investing in Corona Millionaire?

It is only understandable that celebrities might have a keen interest in Corona Millionaire. In times of global pandemic, they too have to complain about declining income as they are unable to perform on stage or attend other appointments.

In recent years, it was often said that celebrities such as Oliver Welke, Dieter Bohlen or Lena Meyer-Landrut had invested in software such as Corona Millionaire. However, they have partially denied this on their private social media accounts. So what is true?

We cannot confirm that these names even know about Corona Millionaire. Equally, however, we have never come across any fraudulent advertisements claiming this. The likelihood that celebrities have invested in the app is slim.

Look at the ads to see if they are based on a serious foundation at all or if they are just fake ads.

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