Cryptosoft – Prices and fees

Last Updated: 10 June 2024

Cryptosoft is a crypto trading bot that analyses data from the available markets. Cryptosoft then forecasts the expected demand in order to suggest the best time and price to enter or exit the market at the best return for the customer.

In doing so, the user receives a recommendation from this trading bot, which indicates where he or she can buy the token he or she is trading at the best possible price or sell this token for the maximum possible profit.

How can one profit from Cryptosoft?

Step 1: Click on the link to go to the official website of Cryptosoft.
Step 2: Fill in the form to get a FREE licence to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to profit from bitcoin fast!

How it works

What works here is an intelligent algorithm. This system is fed with data from the cryptocurrency market and global financial news. Such data is then the basis for the system there and the buy and sell recommendations are generated from it.

The process is completely automated here. As soon as the user has set the trading parameters via the broker, all further steps are taken and carried out by the system.

Nevertheless, the company recommends that new customers spend about 20 minutes a day with their account at the beginning. This provides an overview of the ongoing changes in the market and the effect on one’s own account.


Cryptosoft - Prices and fees

The costs and fees and the main features

The fees with this trading bot are low. There is a 0.5 per cent withdrawal fee here. There are no restrictions on the amount of winnings that can be paid out. The winnings can be withdrawn at any time.

For this purpose, a corresponding payout and withdrawal function is available.

The payout function works automatically at Cryptosoft. The function is designed to be very user-friendly and works without any requirement.

When a live trading session is over, the withdrawal function calculates the profit and the money earned here is credited to the respective Cryptosoft account of the respective customer or client. No hidden fees are charged in this process.

If the amounts on the withdrawal account are then to be paid out, a withdrawal request must first be submitted for the withdrawal. This process can take up to 24 hours for such a withdrawal request to be completed.

In addition, a free demo mode is available to the user. With the help of this function, it is possible for a beginner to familiarise himself or herself with the individual functions of live trading.

This then makes it safer for a beginner to switch to real operation for a fee.

There is also a customer service function available. The customer service can be reached either by live chat or by e-mail. There, a team of experienced employees is available for factual answers.

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