El Salvador Invites Foreigners to Contribute Bitcoin for Citizenship

Last Updated: 25 December 2023

In a groundbreaking move, the government of El Salvador has extended a warm welcome to foreigners interested in making Bitcoin donations to support the nation’s development programs. This unexpected legislative development, approved on December 20th, is set to take effect in the coming days, signaling El Salvador’s continued efforts to integrate Bitcoin into its economic landscape.

Bitcoin Donations for Citizenship

A notable aspect of this legislative shift is the opportunity for foreigners to secure El Salvadoran citizenship through Bitcoin donations. Intriguingly, the law does not specify a minimum amount for Bitcoin donations to expedite the citizenship acquisition process. This opens the door for a diverse range of contributors to participate in El Salvador’s development initiatives.

Positive Impact on Bitcoin Adoption

Despite Bitcoin’s current market value standing at $42,861, El Salvador’s proactive stance toward the cryptocurrency has already led to an influx of foreign residents, particularly in beach communities. The embrace of Bitcoin is not only seen as a financial investment but also as a strategic move to attract individuals passionate about digital currencies and their potential to drive economic progress.

Ongoing Bitcoin Initiatives in El Salvador

This recent development aligns with El Salvador’s persistent efforts to incorporate Bitcoin into various aspects of its economic infrastructure. Notably, the nation is progressing towards the issuance of “Volcano Bitcoin bonds,” a unique investment vehicle. The regulatory approval for these bonds has been secured, marking a significant milestone in El Salvador’s journey with Bitcoin.

Regulatory Approval for Volcano Bitcoin Bonds

The National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) of El Salvador announced on December 12 that the Volcano Bond has received regulatory approval from the Digital Assets Commission (CNAD). This development clears the path for the issuance of these innovative bonds, further solidifying El Salvador’s commitment to exploring novel financial instruments in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Addressing Financial Inclusion and Poverty

The decision for El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin has sparked discussions within the global crypto community. One of the driving factors behind this move is the country’s commitment to addressing financial inclusion challenges. Reports indicate that approximately 70% of the population in El Salvador lacks access to traditional banking services.

Bitcoin as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation

El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin is framed as a strategic initiative to combat poverty and uplift unbanked citizens. By leveraging the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, the government aims to provide financial services to a significant portion of the population that has been excluded from traditional banking systems.


El Salvador’s recent legislative move inviting Bitcoin donations for citizenship underscores the nation’s commitment to embracing digital currencies. As the country pioneers initiatives like the Volcano Bitcoin bonds and tackles financial inclusion challenges, it positions itself as a unique player in the global cryptocurrency landscape. The coming days will likely witness further developments as El Salvador continues to navigate the intersection of traditional finance and the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

In the midst of El Salvador’s bold foray into the realm of digital currencies, astute investors may find an intriguing opportunity to diversify their portfolios. As the nation spearheads innovative ventures such as the Volcano Bitcoin bonds and addresses longstanding financial inclusion challenges, the global cryptocurrency landscape becomes a dynamic space ripe for exploration. For those seeking to engage in the exciting intersection of traditional finance and the evolving crypto sphere, platforms like Bitcoin Dynamit and Biticodes offer avenues to navigate these transformative developments with strategic insights and investment acumen.

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