Ethereum Based Coin Whackd Rises Over 700%

Last Updated: 30 June 2021

Following the demise of the former antivirus investor John McAfee, an ERC20 token called (WHACKD) has seen its valuation rise essentially. Three days prior, the Ethereum-based coin was trading for not more than a U.S. penny. However, then the token soared by 733%, coming to more than $0.07 per unit. In addition, four days prior, a puzzling site exhibiting the whackd token sprung up on the web, suggesting McAfee’s claimed “emergency course of action” with a commencement clock.

McAfee Contingency Website Appeared for Two Days

John McAfee’s accounted for suicide has started many intriguing speculations and stories during the most recent couple of days. McAfee was discovered dead on June 23, 2021, and the Catalan equity division in Spain told the press that everything highlighted suicide. However, McAfee’s widow Janice and John’s nearby partners have focused on the media that the 75-year old McAfee was not suicidal. Furthermore, intriguing hypotheses and stories begin showing up on the web, as certain individuals have guessed on a dead man’s switch hypothesis.


Moreover, reports have likewise associated McAfee with a mystery bitcoin mining ranch named the Spanish “ghost hotel.” Following McAfee’s passing and the droves of wild hypotheses, a site showed up on the web for a short time. The site was called, and individuals had figured out how to document the page before it vanished. As of now, space gives a client a worker mistake, however taking a gander at the chronicled page on shows a pop-craftsmanship drawing of John McAfee and a commencement clock. The content on the page says: “Alternate course of action actuated. Something significant is coming.” The content is composed over the clock, which was checked down about 28 days to uncover something.

Under the clock, there’s an Etherscan address to the (WHACKD) token agreement McAfee declared on November 11, 2019. The token is an ERC20 coin that was dispatched on the McAfee Dex stage for exchanging. Etherscan shows there’s at present a maximum inventory of 790,184,970 whackd among 30,587 whackd holders. Under the’s Etherscan URL featured in neon green, the site additionally said that Whoever might seem appropriate is frightened. They ought to be.

Value of WHACKD Token Increased by 733%

McAfee informed the local crypto area concerning the whackd token on different events. Whackd is intended to be deflationary and consumes tokens as exchanges are spent. “10% of all exchanges will be scorched (WHACKD!) + 1 out of 1000 exchanges will be signed (WHACKD!),” the coin’s advertisement said. At the point when McAfee uncovered the whackd ERC20, the notice included an image of Hillary Clinton.

Lamentably, notwithstanding the real (WHACKD) token dispatched by McAfee, various trick tokens coming from Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) have shown up on Uniswap, Pancakeswap and published on discussions. Initially, the genuine whackd token was just accessible by means of the McAfee Dex stage. Be that as it may, at the hour of composing, the McAfee Dex web-based interface doesn’t work, and leaves divert connections to other McAfee web-related spaces.

Anybody exchanging the whackd token should be mindful and twofold check the authentic agreement address. Dealers need to comprehend many copycat ERC20s with the equivalent “whackd” token name being utilized to trick individuals.

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