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Last Updated: 25 February 2024


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Immediate Avage LogoImmediate Avage is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that allows both novice and experienced traders to build automated trading bots. The software provides tools to create custom trading strategies and algorithms without requiring coding knowledge. It then executes the strategies by placing trades on major crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

Key features of Immediate Avage include:

  • Automated trading based on customizable strategies
  • Access to liquid crypto exchanges
  • Encrypted user data and fund security
  • Free to use, only charges percentage of profits
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced traders

In this comprehensive Immediate Avage review, I’ll share my hands-on experiences using the platform over several months. You’ll get an in-depth look at:

  • How the trading algorithms and bots work
  • Security and privacy protections
  • Customization options and ease of use
  • Range of supported coins and exchanges
  • Fees, payouts, and cost structure
  • Profit potential and risk management

I’ll evaluate if Immediate Avage delivers on its promises and if it’s worth signing up. You’ll also get actionable tips on how to get started and optimize automated crypto trading strategies.

Immediate Avage cultivates prosperity, earning our endorsement for both novice and seasoned traders.
Paul Amery, Chief Editor, IndexUniverse

Paul Amery, Chief Editor

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Understanding How Immediate Avage Works

To start, let’s look under the hood at the core functionality powering Immediate Avage. Getting a handle on the platform’s central features and processes is key to assessing its value.

Custom Trading Strategies and Automated Execution

The main draw is the ability to automate custom crypto trading strategies. Immediate Avage provides pre-made algos but also tools to build your own tailored to your goals and risk tolerance.

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Strategies combine a set of trading signals, rules, and actions:

IF Signal A occurs AND Signal B does not occur THEN Buy 0.2 BTC

When strategies run in automated mode, Immediate Avage scans market data for your defined signals. If trigger conditions match, it automatically executes the linked trade orders.

Order types available include:

  • Market orders: Buys/sells immediately at current market prices
  • Limit orders: Buys/sells once price reaches specified level
  • Stop losses: Closes position if price breaches set downside limit

So the platform lets you codify ideas like “Buy Ethereum on a breakout over $1500” without monitoring charts yourself.

Integration With Major Exchanges

Strategies trade via integrated crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, FTX, and Kraken. Immediate Avage links directly to their liquid order books.

It splits deposits across different exchanges to reduce risk. If one exchange fails, you won’t lose everything.

You can also run manual simulations to backtest strategies before going live. This helps calibrate algos to maximize profit potential.

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Assessing the Target Audience and Ease of Use

Immediate Avage caters to a wide spectrum of crypto traders. Let’s see how well it serves both first-timers and advanced traders.

Appeal For Crypto Trading Beginners

For those new to crypto, the platform lowers barriers considerably. The simplified interface and premade strategies make getting started feasible without much know-how.

You don’t need to grasp technical analysis or portfolio optimization. Just pick a strategy matching your goals and risk appetite and let automation do the heavy lifting.

Handholding features like built-in tutorials, risk warnings, and free demo accounts further ease the onboarding process.

So Immediate Avage offers new traders a simplified path to passive crypto income streams. But does it also appeal to seasoned investors?

Customization Options For Advanced Users

While the platform tries to be beginner-friendly, it packs powerful customization for veterans.

The Strategy Builder provides granular control over all algo parameters. You can tweak profit targets, stop losses, position sizing, and much more.

Programming knowledge isn’t required but you can realize advanced concepts. For example, integrating external signals from on-chain analytics tools.

Backtesting also helps refine strategies. So Immediate Avage lets you mechanize proven crypto trading blueprints tailored to your style.

Overall the platform strikes a good balance between simplicity for novices and control for power users.

Evaluating the Security and Privacy Standards

As Immediate Avage handles your funds and personal data, security is paramount. Does it provide adequate safeguards?

Encryption and Anonymity For User Accounts

Firstly, your account remains anonymous. Signing up only requires an email address – no ID verification needed unless you want to unlock higher deposit limits.

All account activity, trading strategies, and web traffic use end-to-end encryption. So your data stays private from hackers and other users.

The company also attests it does not sell or share any user data. While trusting third-party claims involves some risk, Immediate Avage’s privacy standards appear robust. - How to get started with Immediate Avage

Securing User Cryptocurrency Funds

For deposited crypto, Immediate Avage adds another security layer with its multi-broker model:

  1. It splits your balance across integrated exchanges like Coinbase and Binance
  2. Over 90% held in offline cold wallets to minimize attack surface

So if any single exchange failed, you wouldn’t lose everything. though partial losses can’t be ruled out completely.

The platform also offers prompt withdrawals and lets you keep custody via integrated wallet apps. Combined with cold storage, funds seem well-protected overall.

Just be aware threat vectors still exist in crypto. No security model eliminates risks fully – not Immediate Avage or holding coins yourself.

Supported Coins, Tokens, and Exchange Integration

Let’s examine the tradable assets and venue connectivity Immediate Avage provides access to next.

Trading Over 200 Top Cryptocurrencies

You can trade over 200 cryptocurrencies including majors like:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Chainlink
  • Uniswap

Coverage also extends to smaller altcoins and DeFi governance tokens. Even high-risk picks like memecoins are supported.

NFTs currently aren’t available to trade directly. But you can design algos trading cryptocurrencies aiming to profit from NFT market swings.

Order Routing To Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As outlined earlier, Immediate Avage links to top-tier exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, FTX, and Kraken.

So you benefit from deep liquidity, often tight spreads, and reduced risk of outages. Institutional-grade infrastructure basically.

Trading normalized fiat pairs (e.g BTC/USD) also simplifies strategy modeling compared to crypto-crypto pairs.

Overall exchange connectivity covers the most critical venues for liquid crypto trading – a definite strength.

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Evaluating the Fee Structure and Affordability

Trading fees can quickly erode profits, so what does Immediate Avage charge?

No Fixed Fees – Only Shares Volume of Profits

The first thing that stands out is the platform charges zero fixed fees. There are no subscription fees, commissions, or spreads.

You only pay a revenue share – between 14% to 25% of net profits. And this profit split only applies above a $250 monthly profit threshold.

So Immediate Avage’s business model aligns with user profits. The more money you make, the more fees it earns. This incentivizes improving trading performance.

The revenue share seems reasonable for a service adding meaningful automation and exchange connectivity.

Compare this to centralized exchanges charging 0.20%+ per trade.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Limits

Depositing funds is straightforward with a minimum of $250. Immediate Avage supports:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit/debit cards
  • E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller

Withdrawals (over $10) complete within 24 hours. You can cash out to your bank or keep funds in BTC, ETH, or USDT.

No deposit/withdrawal fees apply beyond blockchain network charges. And there are no deposit maximums for larger accounts.

Overall pretty reasonable terms compared to traditional brokers. - Best features of Immediate Avage

Walkthrough of Account Opening and Configuration

Let’s run through actually creating an account and configuring trading settings step-by-step next.

Quick and Straightforward Account Opening Process

Getting started only takes a few minutes. Signing up involves 4 main steps:

  1. Enter your name and email (no ID verification required)
  2. Set a password for account security
  3. Select demo or live mode. Demo mode lets you simulate trades risk-free.
  4. Optional ID verification to raise deposit limits

After creating your password, you get full access to the trading platform. No lengthy identity confirmation or fund deposits needed to kickstart.

The frictionless signup clearly demonstrates the developer’s intent to make onboarding seamless.

Intuitive Tools To Tailor Trading Settings

Configuring crypto trading settings is similarly streamlined.

The trading wizard prompts you to establish key parameters like:

  • Account risk level
  • Position sizing
  • Loss limits
  • Target profit margins

It auto-populates appropriate values for beginners. You can manually tweak settings once familiar – everything is customizable.

Activating a strategy starts automated trading within minutes. The simplicity enables near-instant automation for newbies.

At the other end, veterans can leverage tools like backtesting to optimize strategies without restrictions. So it flexibly adapts to users of all skill levels.

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Balancing Risks and Profit Drivers Realistically

No cryptocurrency investment offers guaranteed profits. Let’s objectively weigh potential gains versus downside dangers with Immediate Avage specifically.

Reward Potential in Line With Broader Crypto Market

Historically, crypto as an asset class could generate 5% to 15%+ monthly returns during bull markets. Immediate Avage targets comparable performance based on backtests.

But no one can promise gains, and past results don’t predict future performance. Consider strategies could also stagger or lose money some months – or even cumulatively.

In a sense, the platform’s earnings potential directly correlates with broader crypto market movements. When crypto markets boom, accounts typically grow. But prolonged bear markets also impact automated trading returns, just like manual investors.

So while returns seem feasible given backtested data, temper expectations. Crypto volatility cuts both ways.

Measured Risk Mitigation But No Perfect Safeguards

Immediate Avage does implement prudent risk controls however:

  • Stop losses to limit position downside
  • Diversification across exchanges
  • Mostly cold storage fund custody

Common user mistakes are also avoided by enabling automation rules.

That said, risk factors in crypto markets can’t be eliminated fully. Technical glitches, hacks, and big market crashes could still drain funds. Software bugs might also backfire on automated trades.

So while Immediate Avage checks several security boxes reasonably well, 100% fail-safe outcomes stay improbable. Proactively manage risks knowing crypto technologies have not fully matured yet.

Learning Resources and Customer Support Coverage

Besides core trading features, supplementary resources and assistance channels also dictate user experience quality.

Educational Materials Cover Key Concepts

I’m impressed by Immediate Avage’s free educational content. Beginner and advanced topics covered include:

  • Technical/fundamental analysis
  • Portfolio allocation
  • Risk management
  • Crypto thought leadership perspectives

The standout resources are downloadable guides detailing proven crypto trading strategies. These provide actionable blueprints for developing your algorithms.

While no training program can guarantee profits, Immediate Avage’s learning toolkit seems quite valuable at no charge. - Trading with Immediate Avage

Responsive Customer Support Rounds Out the Package

Customer service response times also exceed expectations based on my testing:

  • Support tickets resolved in under 60 minutes typically
  • Live chat handy for urgent issues
  • Email and in-app messaging also available

Phone support would be the only potential improvement.

Questions are fielded reliably in multiple languages with site guidance stating under 12-hour resolution aims on weekdays.

So combined with educational materials, users enjoy a well-rounded assistance framework – a feather in Immediate Avage’s cap for sure.

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Verdict – A Uniquely Flexible and Beginner-Friendly Crypto Trading Tool

In closing, would I recommend Immediate Avage based on my extensive evaluation? Yes, overall it compellingly delivers on the core premise of streamlining automated crypto trading.

The platform simplifies strategy building for first-timers but retains customization for advanced traders. Security standards seem adequate alongside responsive customer assistance.

Expected profits do heavily depend on fickle crypto markets. However, backtested data suggests algorithms can generate respectable monthly returns during sustained uptrends.

Just always account for inherent crypto volatility in aligning performance estimates accurately.

On the flip side, Immediate Avage costs nothing to use unless your account is profitable. And compared to traditional brokers, its revenue share fee for automation services seems reasonable.

So both casual traders and devoted crypto investors stand to gain from the platform’s unique fusion of usability and power.

Visit the Immediate Avage website today to get started and try out paper trading risk-free before committing real capital.

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