Mark Cuban hit by Iron Finance token crash

Last Updated: 20 June 2021

Mark Cuban, a Billionaire Investor and Shark Tank Star, called for regulation and stabilization of cryptocurrencies after the token he invested in crashed. As a result, the iron Finance Token dropped from $64 to zero.

Mark Cuban asks for defi and Stablecoin Regulation.

The extremely wealthy owner of NBA group Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, has poured resources into a token that crashed from about $64 to near zero on Wednesday. Iron Finance called the collapse of its Iron Titan token (TITAN) the world’s first large-scale crypto bank run. The cost of the token is $0.000000029585 in the hour of composing. Responding to a tweet finding out if he “got tough” or “got rough” on Iron Finance’s token, Cuban stated that I got strike like any other person. The crazy part is that I got out even though they extended their TVL enough. Then, at that point, bam.


The tycoon financier has been intrigued by Defi for some time. He penned a blog post on June 13, touting the ability of defi development and TITAN. Some say that the Iron Finance token became popular due to Cuban.

In the blog post, the Shark Tank -Star clarified that he was a small liquidity provider (LP) for Quick Swap. I give two unique tokens (DAI/TITAN) that empower Quikswap to offer trades between these two tokens, my profit from my underlying $75k venture (considering the cost only) as this composition is an annualized return of about 206%, in return for providing the liquidity both TITAN and Quickswap need for their organizations, I get .25 from the exchange volume for trades between these two tokens.

In his letter to Bloomberg Thursday, Cuban discussed his involvement with TITAN. He stated, “I read about it. Decided to give it a try. Got out. Then, at that point it got back in when the TVL started to rise back up. As a level of my crypto portfolio, it was little. However, it was enough that I was concerned about it.

Going to the guideline, he recommended that in the event you’re searching for an exercise, the genuine query is the administrative one.

People’s Reaction to Cuban’s Statements

A few groups don’t trust Cuban’s story, in any case. For example, Twitter customer Paul Bryant stated that he didn’t accept a nanosecond that Mark Cuban was surprised by the TITAN flooring pull. The manufacturer was mysterious, it had zero benefits, and he took it to the extreme.

Alex Saunders, the creator of Nugget’s News, tweeted, “The episode is called ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ after Mark Cuban made a post on TITAN that was then, at that point, sucked down 100x just to be roughly 0.”

Meanwhile, a few groups censured Cuban for calling for guidelines in the wake of explaining cash lost in the episode. Businessperson Luosheng Peng tweeted, “Imprint Cuban put resources into crypto TITAN and lost it to nearly $0. What’s more, after that occurred, he called for an expanded defi policy. So be careful when doing crypto ventures beyond BTC and ETH.” David Schawel, CIO of Family Management Corporation, notes:

I struggle when individuals admit they were apathetic in due steadiness, but they blame the absence of guidelines.

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