Jim Cramer’s Shifting Stance on Bitcoin Sparks Debate in the Crypto Community

Last Updated: 24 November 2023

In a recent episode of CNBC’s Lighting Round, financial guru Jim Cramer, known for his outspoken views on stocks and cryptocurrencies, urged viewers to “just buy Bitcoin.” This statement comes amid a more optimistic sentiment in the cryptocurrency sector, with Bitcoin reclaiming the crucial $37,500 price level.

Cramer’s Changing Views

Responding to a question about CleanSpark (NASDAQ: CLSK), Cramer expressed his straightforward perspective on Bitcoin: “If you like Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin.” Cramer admitted to a previous change of heart, stating, “That has always been my view, and for a while, I liked it, and then I decided that money had been made. I acted premature, but money has been made.”

This shift in Cramer’s stance has not gone unnoticed, with some viewers on YouTube expressing bearish sentiments. One commenter remarked, “Bitcoin tanked right after this, but it’s back up,” while another cynically added, “Jim Cramer says Buy Bitcoin? SELL!!!”

This reversal in viewpoint contrasts with Cramer’s statement on October 10, where he recommended to his audience that prevailing conditions provided “another good opportunity to exit the crypto market.”

Market Response and Bitcoin Analysis

Interestingly, despite Cramer’s cautious advice, Bitcoin has experienced a remarkable surge, currently trading at $37,337. The flagship cryptocurrency has posted strong fundamentals, trading above the 200-day moving average and boasting 17 green days in the previous month.

As of now, Bitcoin has shown resilience, with a 2.40% increase in its current price and an 8.45% gain on its monthly chart. It is noteworthy that over the past year, BTC has seen a substantial 126% price increase, outperforming 86% of its counterparts in the top 100 crypto assets.


Jim Cramer’s recent endorsement of Bitcoin has generated both support and skepticism within the crypto community. The market’s response to his advice and the ongoing positive indicators for Bitcoin highlight the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape. As investors navigate these uncertain waters, the debate surrounding Cramer’s statements adds an intriguing layer to the broader discussions on the future of cryptocurrencies.

In this era of transformative financial shifts, Jim Cramer’s endorsement of Bitcoin has become a focal point for investors seeking innovative opportunities. The dynamic crypto landscape, coupled with Cramer’s evolving perspectives, creates an environment where astute investors may find avenues for exploration. As the debate on Bitcoin’s future unfolds, those intrigued by the potential of this digital asset can explore diverse investment strategies on platforms such as Golden Profit and Bitcoin Empire, each offering a unique approach to navigating the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

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