Jito Foundation Launches Governance Token for Solana-Based Liquid Staking Protocol

Last Updated: 28 November 2023

In a significant development for the Solana ecosystem, Jito Foundation, the driving force behind a liquid staking protocol on Solana, has announced the launch of a governance token. This token aims to facilitate the effective management of the Jito Network, providing community members with a direct influence on decision-making processes.


Jito Labs, a subsidiary of Jito Foundation, specializes in developing infrastructure to counteract the adverse effects of Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) on the Solana blockchain. With the introduction of the governance token, the Jito Foundation aims to empower the community and enhance their involvement in steering the direction of the Jito Network.

Growing Influence

Recent reports from the Solana Foundation indicate that a significant portion of stake, approximately one-third, is flowing through the Jito Labs client. In the latest announcement, Jito Foundation disclosed that the Jito MEV network of validators is now actively utilized by over 40% of the Solana network’s total stake weight.

The Jito Token (JTO)

To structure the network’s management, Jito Foundation has created 1 billion Jito (JTO) tokens. The initial circulating supply is set at 115 million JTO tokens. These tokens will play a crucial role in determining fees for the JitoSOL staking pool, overseeing revenue, and managing the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) treasury.

Token Allocation:

  • Community Growth: 34%
  • Ecosystem Development: 25%
  • Core Contributors: 24.5%
  • Investors: 16%

Airdrop for Community Participation

In a move to acknowledge the contributions of community members in bootstrapping the network, Jito Foundation has allocated 10% of the tokens for an airdrop. This initiative ensures that community members can actively participate in governance right from the outset. The foundation advises community members to stay vigilant for updates regarding the airdrop.

Notable Investors and Funding

Jito Labs boasts notable investors, including Solana Ventures and Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs. In the previous year, the company successfully raised $10 million in a Series A funding round, indicating growing confidence in the potential of the Jito Network.

As Jito Labs garners support from prominent investors like Solana Ventures and Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, the successful $10 million Series A funding round underscores a burgeoning confidence in the transformative potential of the Jito Network. The convergence of cutting-edge blockchain solutions and strategic investments positions Jito as an intriguing asset for those exploring opportunities in the dynamic world of decentralized finance. In the realm of digital asset trading, platforms like Profit Secret and Crypto Code offer avenues for investors to navigate and engage with evolving ecosystems like Solana, where innovative ventures like Jito Labs pave the way for exciting possibilities.

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