New Doge Cryptocurrency Daddy Doge Emerged and rises 57% This Week

Last Updated: 5 August 2021

There has already been a lot of hype regarding Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Baby Doge. Along with these cryptocurrencies, another Doge-like cryptocurrency named Daddy Doge has emerged. The coin rose in value after Elon Musk was seen talking about this cryptocurrency in a video where he has been escorting towards his car. Moreover, the creator of Daddy Doge claimed that this cryptocurrency would be the first among all meme-token, which will be sent to space. The meme-cryptocurrency has gained 57.6% during the last seven days.

Daddy Doge is the 30th Doge-Like Token that Claims to be the Head of the Family.

Exactly when you thought there couldn’t help in any way that there will be another dogecoin-related cryptocurrency, another token called daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) has entered the pack of contending canine resources. Truth be told, daddy doge joins the pup plant of coins or the 30 image crypto resources that influence either the name “doge” or the “Shiba Inu” breed.

Seven-day insights show various doge-related image tokens have seen twofold digit gains. Daddy doge is another Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token, and the agreement address shows there’s around 1 quadrillion DADDYDOGE. The novel’s measure tends to hold daddy doge today has risen dramatically and orders 37,643 addresses on August 4. The coin has a site that clarifies that the Daddy Doge project is the top of the family. Similar to baby doge (BABYDOGE), the alleged top of the family is likewise a deflationary crypto resource. DADDYDOGE again has a white paper that subtleties how the task takes a 9% assessment from each purchase and sell.


Elon Musk Saying “Daddy Doge” in a Video which Spiked the Value of the canine-cryptocurrency

The Daddy Doge project has acquired consideration throughout the most recent fourteen days because of a video that became a web sensation on Twitter. The video is a short clip of Elon Musk leaving a legal dispute, including the securing of Solarcity. Various fans can be heard hollering at Musk, requesting that he say “Daddy Doge.” When somebody asked Musk an inquiry, he basically said “Daddy Doge” before entering his Tesla vehicle. Since then, at that point, the coin has seen some market footing, actually like child doge (BABYDOGE) did when Musk said the coin’s name in a tweet half a month prior on July 1.

Market information shows during the previous 24 hours, DADDYDOGE is up more than 13%, 57.6% for the week, and 72.3% during the most recent fourteen days. Actually, like a portion of the other dogecoin (DOGE) knockoffs, the daddy doge token exchanges for a way not precisely a U.S. penny at $0.000000030619 per unit. At the hour of composing, 24-hour details show DADDYDOGE exchange volume is around $4.3 million.

Daddy Doge is Going to Space

There’s a case that the group intends to send a daddy doge (DADDYDOGE) token to space. The video and various individuals in the Telegram station and the task’s Twitter account have insinuated this implied occasion. The team is sending daddy doge into space with a 360-degree camera, Tyler, an administrator of the group’s Telegram station, said the talk. The Youtube video additionally makes this statement and cases the group is working with a renowned organization.

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