Swiss watchmaker Hublot now accepts bitcoin

Last Updated: 27 June 2022

In cooperation with BitPay, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot will sell certain rare watches for bitcoin. Hublot is certainly not the first party in the luxury goods industry to do so; watch brand, Tag Heuer, joined in recently as well.

Hublot is a member of the club

The Swiss Hublot is the latest member of the club of luxury goods manufacturers that accept bitcoin as a form of payment. In a recent announcement, the company launched a limited collection under the name “Big Bang Unico Essential Grey,” which, consists of 200 watches.

This collection can be purchased through the American e-Boutique with bitcoin, among other things. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is only possible in the American online shop of Hublot. But it will probably not be long before we in Europe can also get watches of the Swiss brand with bitcoin.

The prices of the new collection start at around $20,000, which, means that you can spend about one bitcoin for a Hublot. Little chance that the real hodlers are currently choosing to exchange their bitcoin for a Swiss-made watch.

Not just luxury goods, but trams too

Another interesting example of a party adopting bitcoin as a means of payment is the iconic Tram Line 42 in the Czech capital, Prague. It is one of the oldest tramlines in the Czech Republic and is currently mainly used as an attraction for tourists.

So from now on, it is possible to pay for your tour of Prague’s cultural highlights, such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Powder Gate, with bitcoin. Tramline 42 cooperates with Global Payments as a technical partner to enable bitcoin payments.

“Bitcoin is a very popular form of money today. There is no reason why people should not be able to use it for regular payments,” said Petr Soukup, the director of IT at Prague City Tourism.

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