The Bogdanoff Twins Claim to Have Participated in Building Bitcoin

Last Updated: 12 July 2021

After the infamous incident of a meme shared on social media in which one of the Bogdanoff twins was talking on the phone and ordering whales to start dumping the crypto-market, now the twins are claiming that they have helped Satoshi Nakamoto in the creation of the world’s leading cryptocurrency bitcoin. The Bogdanoff twins revealed in an interview on L’Heure des pros that Mathematicians have participated in detailing some source code of bitcoin.

The Source Code of Bitcoin Has Some Helping Hand from the Bogdanoff Twins

For a few years now,  people have been making jokes about the Bogdanoff twins that they can manipulate the crypto market by sharing a meme on social media showing one of the twins telling the ‘whales’ to initiate the crypto-market dump. Later on, the twins said on French Television in an interview that they have known about this meme and have seen it, and they think that bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto made this meme viral on social media. Igor Bogdanoff said that it’s Satoshi Nakamoto who is behind the virality of the meme. That meme was all over the blockchain network, and people downloaded it more than 1.3 billion times, added Igor.The Bogdanoff Twins

The Bogdanoff twins are notable for their science-based network show called “Time X.” Since the 1970s, they have been logical writers. Keeping in mind that Igor has a doctorate in theoretical physical science, his sibling has a doctorate in arithmetic. During the new meeting with the Bogdanoff twins, the two clarified how they had functioned with the touchscreen creator François Mizzi and a fascinating Japanese researcher named “Soïtchiro Shimoda.”

Long-running paranoid idea

There’s been a long-running paranoid idea/image that says the Bogdanoff twins control the digital currency markets. Bogdanoff-like images show the siblings settling on decisions to either “pamp it” or “dump it” when crypto-financial backers wouldn’t dare to hope anymore.

The twins guarantee that back in the good old days, they would examine blockchain and crypto resource thoughts with Shimoda consistently. The Bogdanoffs earnestly trust Shimoda was related to mythical persons or a gathering of people who created bitcoin. Indeed, the Bogdanoff siblings further claim that two old bitcoins were presented to the twins back in 2008.

Grichka Bogdanoff told the interviewer that he and his brother are mathematicians and had the option to elaborate on a portion of the Bitcoin source code, particularly the ‘prediction code’.

During the two meetings, the Bogdanoff twins additionally uncovered they claimed ethereum too. Sooner than later, the scandalous twins who are notable in memes and connivances said they would dispatch another crypto resource called “Exo Coin.”

The Bogdanoff twins already have a reputation in the crypto-community. They joked around about manipulating the crypto market. Moreover, now they have claimed that they have a part in the creation of bitcoin. After their interview, people have already considered this statement from the Bogdanoff twins as another publicity stunt.

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