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Last Updated: 8 January 2024

• Animations are the visual movements of images or objects used in websites, applications, and movies to make them more appealing.
• Animation is made up of different techniques such as frame-by-frame animation, morphing, tweening, and motion graphics.
• These different types of animation can be used in combination with each other to create interesting visuals for a website or application.


Animation is the visual movement of images or objects used in websites, applications, and movies to make them more appealing. It is an important component of modern design and can be used to convey information in an effective way.

Types Of Animation

Animation is made up of different techniques such as frame-by-frame animation, morphing, tweening, and motion graphics. Each type has its own unique qualities that make it ideal for certain tasks. Frame-by-frame animation involves creating individual frames that are then put together to create a sequence. Morphing involves gradually changing one image into another using mathematical equations. Tweening is a technique that uses interpolation between two points in time to create smooth transitions between two keyframes. Motion graphics involve creating 2D or 3D animations using computer software such as Adobe After Effects or Maya.

Applications Of Animation

Animation can be used for a variety of purposes including website design, mobile apps, video games, television commercials and movies. In website design it can be used to create interactive elements like buttons or menus that respond when interacted with by the user. In mobile apps it can be used to bring life into static images by adding movement and effects that draw attention from users. In video games animation is essential for creating believable characters and environments that players can interact with on screen. Motion graphics are also commonly used in television commercials and movies to help illustrate ideas or concepts quickly and effectively without having to rely on lengthy dialogue or exposition scenes for explanation purposes only

Benefits Of Animation

The use of animation provides many benefits including increased engagement from viewers/users due to its dynamic nature; improved usability by providing visual cues which aid users when navigating around a website; faster loading times when compared with traditional video; the ability to communicate complex ideas easily; improved accessibility due to its universal language; increased retention rates due to its engaging nature; reduced costs over time due to efficient production methods; increased brand recognition through consistent visuals throughout your product offering ;and finally better search engine optimization (SEO) through optimized content delivery across multiple devices/platforms .


Animation adds life into static webpages/applications by making them visually appealing while also providing useful functionalities like navigation aids , interactive elements , etc . It provides a cost effective method of conveying complex ideas quickly while increasing engagement from viewers/users . Finally , it increases brand recognition through consistent visuals across products while improving SEO performance through optimized content delivery .

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