Tom Brandy Rumored to Hop on Bitcoin

Last Updated: 13 May 2021

Probably the GOAT of the game, Tom Brandy, the legendary NFL quarterback, has uploaded lasered eyes photo on his official Twitter account. Many have been speculating that this is an indication that he is hopping on to the bitcoin bandwagon. Tom Brandy, who plays for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is considered the greatest quarterback. A couple of years ago, he won his 6th Super Bowl and since then won another.

Have a look at the following Tweet from Tom Brandy which indicated his investment in Bitcoin:

This clearly shows that either he has already bought Bitcoin or at least thinking about it. The laser-eyes image is circulating in the Bitcoin community since February now. The meaning of it is that anyone who is posting laser-eyes photos indicates the Bitcoin price increase to $100,000. Several celebrities, politician, and investors have posted their laser-eyes photos. There is a wave of excitement in the Bitcoin community after seeing laser-eyes photo of Brandy. People are already referring to him as a Bitcoiner.

In a Tweet by Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, he welcomes Tom Brandy by saying that the Bitcoin community has a new start among them. He also said that the meaning of laser-eyes is to provide technology that will bring human rights for life, liberty, and property. With laser eyes, there are fewer chances of people getting distracted from their investments. The primary purpose of laser eyes to make bitcoin an instrument of economic empowerment. According to Nasdaq, the company possesses 100k Bitcoins.

According to Balaji Srinivasan, the Bitcoin community already had laser eyes Mayors, congressmen, actors, senators, and billionaires. The community has now the greatest quarterback of all time. There are only two levels left for bitcoin. One is laser eyes central banker, and the other one is laser eyes head of state.

According to a CNN report of last month, Tom Brandy plans to launch an NFT platform named Autograph. It will have Brandy featuring NFTs.

Several professional athletes prefer to be paid via Bitcoin. According to Russell Okung, who already shown that he wanted to be paid in Bitcoin, he has converted half of his $13 Million salaries into Bitcoins, said that many athletes are calling him to know more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and Tom Brandy is going to be significant among all these athletes. He also said that there should be improvements in the automation sector of this cryptocurrency.

Trevor Lawrence, who is the number one draft pick of the NFL, has also received his signing bonus in Bitcoin, which is said to around $24 million. Sean Culkin also cleared that he wants bitcoin as a salary for the 2021 season. Moreover, an American professional basketball team Sacramento Kings is giving everyone in its organization to receive their wages in Bitcoin.

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