UK Government Considers Giving HMRC Power to Seize Cryptocurrencies from Tax Evaders

Last Updated: 10 May 2023

The UK government is exploring new regulations that would allow the country’s tax agency, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to seize cryptocurrencies from companies that fail to pay their crypto taxes. According to a report by The Telegraph, the proposed regulations would include granting the HMRC the authority to access online wallets as part of a broader effort to modernize tax collection in the digital era.

HMRC’s Current Powers

Under the existing “direct recovery of debts” authorities, the HMRC already has the power to seize funds from bank accounts when people refuse to pay their taxes. The agency is now considering expanding this capability to include online payment accounts like PayPal and potentially the cryptocurrency wallets of companies.

Crackdown on Illegal Activities

The proposed regulations would allow the HMRC to remove cryptocurrency from wallets as part of the next crackdown on a sector that has been accused of facilitating illegal behavior and money laundering. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are not regulated by any central authority, have been promoted as a means for individuals to take control of their finances outside of government control.

Impact on Centralized Exchanges

While cryptocurrency wallets controlled by individuals cannot be accessed by anyone else, those stored on centralized online exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken may be subject to the new regulations. Law enforcement authorities already have the ability to confiscate cryptocurrency from these exchanges when evidence of illegal conduct is found.

Inclusion in Self-Assessment Tax Returns

The HMRC has also proposed including cryptocurrency in self-assessment tax returns, with financial experts estimating an annual increase in capital gains taxes of £10 million for profits that are not currently disclosed.

Response to the Consultation

The HMRC has released a consultation paper to gather feedback on the proposed regulations. According to a spokesman for the agency, the responses will support the government in undertaking additional analysis and engagement on the proposals. The spokesman also noted that all of HMRC’s powers are balanced by safeguards, which should reassure taxpayers that powers are exercised proportionately and consistently.


The proposed regulations could grant the HMRC significant powers over cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, as part of a wider effort to regulate the industry more closely. The outcome of the consultation will be closely watched by industry participants and observers alike, as the HMRC considers how to adapt its existing powers to the digital era.

Investors in the cryptocurrency industry may want to keep a close eye on the HMRC’s proposed new regulations. The increased scrutiny on cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges could impact the industry’s regulatory environment, potentially affecting market sentiment and investment decisions. For those interested in trading cryptocurrencies, platforms such as Bitcoin Billionaire and Bitcoin Supersplit offer a range of trading options and resources to help navigate the market.

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