WiBX Revolutionizes Contact Between Brands & Customers with its Utility Token

• ChainwireLBank Exchange will list WiBX Utility Token (WBX) on February 20, 2023.
• WiBX is a platform that allows companies to expand their sales and customers to become nano-influencers.
• WiBX uses blockchain technology to decentralize advertising and enable customer engagement with rewards in token form.

Introduction to WiBX

WiBX is a revolutionary global digital asset trading platform that aims to bridge the gap between brands and their customers through referral marketing. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, it helps companies expand their sales while allowing customers to become nano-influencers, accumulating digital coins for purchase or investments.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can benefit from this platform by recommending products and services on their social networks and getting paid for them by downloading the WiBX app and following the step by step instructions for sharing ads of their favorite brands. Every like or share can be converted into WiBX digital coins in their accounts.

Benefits for Companies

Companies can gain more reach and consumers through registering campaigns on the WiBX platform which are parameterized by loyalty — not clicks. By sharing their favorite brands on their social networks, customers become loyal to them. Companies simply need to open stores on the platform and create advertising campaigns so that they are available when customers start sharing them online.

The Future of Advertising with WiBX

WiBx supports great solid projects for the new era of Web3 revolution, enabling brands to insert themselves into the metaverse through gamified activations, understand communications better, create new ways of interacting with phygital world, and ultimately impact how money will be transacted in future.


WiBX works towards revolutionizing contact between businesses and customers through referral marketing while also providing users with rewards in token form when they engage in activities such as liking or sharing ads online. With its listing at ChainwireLBank Exchange on February 20th 2021, it will further extend its global reach helping it achieve its vision of decentralizing advertising along with other innovative use cases mentioned above.