Will Nickelodeon come out with NFTs?

Last Updated: 11 June 2022

If you get completely excited by old Nickelodeon cartoons, there is something to get excited about. The children’s channel is coming with Nickelodeon NFTs. At least, if we are to believe the twitter account of @Nickelodeon_NFT.

The 90s called

The twitter account of Nickelodeon NFT tweeted the following. “The 90s called. They want your attention back. If you’re reading this…you’re early,” the account said.

In the accompanying video – featuring the old Nickelodeon logo – we see “the next programme is rated web3” on the TV. This was followed by “some moderate to severe nostalgia. It’s probably nothing”, we can read on the green screen.

Next up is “stay tooned”, along with “Summer 2022”, which probably refers to time of Nickelodeon NFT’s release. This tweet has since been retweeted thousands of times and is causing a lot of commotion.

Reactions on Twitter

Many people think that Nickelodeon is doing this for the money. Because let’s face it, why else would there be Nickelodeon NFTs? It would be remarkable if this company released this without any profit motive.

Other reactions show genuine interest, for example, in the associated network of the NFTs. This will take place via Recur. They call themselves “your portal to the metaverse” and support multiple blockchains. So the Nickelodeon NFTs can become available through Polygon, Ethereum and Avalanche.


It is important to ask yourself whether this really comes from Nickelodeon. It is posted from a different account than the original Nickelodeon twitter account. In addition, the account has not yet been validated by twitter.

Nickelodeon’s official account has not posted anything about the NFTs themselves yet, but they did post a hint. This could be a reason why the Nickelodeon NFT’s are valid. The Twitter account responded to a tweet from Spongebob, and this happened in the same hour as the Nickelodeon NFT tweet. Hereby Nickelodeon refers to web4.

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