Yesports Launches YESP Token: Unlock Exclusive Rewards and Benefits!

• Yesports announces the launch of YESP, a utility token setting the pace for its esports platform.
• YESP enables holders to receive further benefits through trading, listing and more.
• Users will receive access to exclusive features and rewards through YESP Token.

Yesports Launches YESP Token

New York, United States, April 15th, 2023 – Chainwire Yesports is thrilled to announce the launch of YESP, a utility token setting the pace for its esports platform where esports, gaming and competition thrive. Fuelling fan engagement and innovation, Yesports continues in its mission to develop the premier esports platform for web3 games creating more gamified experiences while offering staking rewards through YESP.

YESP Benefits

YESP now live can be purchased through a number of exchanges enabling users to seize control of their experience on the platform like never before. Users will receive direct access to the best of web3 gaming via No Loss Prize Games, exclusive esports branded drops and discounts as well as future metaverse engagement features that will enhance their gaming experience. As token holders users can gain exclusive early-access spots, the latest drops and new perks.

Platform Expansion

Since 2021 Yesports has amassed 11+ esports partnerships more than any other platform in the space allowing it to offer completely unique products in collaboration with over 50 web3 games including No Loss Prize Games, round-robin tournaments and rare collectibles. With the launch of YESP Yesports is poised to disrupt traditional gaming industry bringing entertainment and access closer to users.

User Safety

For user safety purposes Yesports team has taken additional steps such as introducing KYC/AML measures on all exchanges where YESP is listed making sure that only qualified investors are able to purchase tokens compliantly..

Future Plans

Looking ahead Yesport team plans on developing governance process allowing community members have greater say in decision making while also offering rewards for staking and engagement within platform opening up whole new world for gamers everywhere!