Providing a voice for the home appliance industry in Europe – the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

CECED launches its #CircularSociety initiative website

The aim to reduce waste and ensure a full circularity of the economy goes beyond what economic actors alone can do: it embraces all our society and is a societal challenge.

What if all Europeans had a dishwasher?

CECED highlights the benefits of advancing sustainable lifestyles though dishwashers. #Dishwasher4All

The new era of home appliances – connectivity and demands for comfort

CECED President Dr Reinhard Zinkann also stresses need to increase the use of dishwashers by Europeans in order to secure important energy and water savings


Circular economy in a circular society

“Italy, a leader in Europe in the Home Appliance Sector” | Rome, 18th July.


What if all Europeans had a dishwasher?

HA 2025, Year 3

Home Appliance Vision 2025